Podcast Appearance on The Walder Sportscast

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Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Casey Bannerman (@CaseyBannerman), an NBA artist and illustrator who designs NBA merchandise, prints, and apparel, onto the program.

Some of the topics the two discuss include:

* What it's like seeing his apparel out in the open and being recognized in public

* What inspired Casey to first get into art

* How easy it is to be critical of your own work

* How to take art to the next level and monitize

* Dealing with the toxicity of social media and Casey's own battles with his mental health

* Creating art of Pascal Siakam's father and the jewelry Pascal now wears regularly of it

* Partnering with Fred VanVleet on his "Heart of the City" merch line

* The initial reaction to Scottie Barnes getting drafted by the Raptors and the online backlash

* Which professional sports logo needs a total makeover

* Casey getting his driver's license

* Casey's mother posing with celebrities

* Halloween costumes we wish to never see again

and so much more!

Listen here: https://waldersports.podbean.com/e/the-walder-sportscast-w-casey-bannerman-toronto-raptors-artwork-scottie-barnes-draft-receipts-jason-sudeikis-photos/