Casey Bannerman

Casey Bannerman is an artist and illustrator who designs apparel, merchandise, and prints.

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Casey has been a dedicated and lifelong NBA fan.

As a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator, Casey managed to successfully merge his love of art and basketball into an exciting career spanning two decades.

His passion for the team, his city, and his craft have allowed Casey to excel as a preeminent artist among basketball and sports fans across the world.

With clients from North America, to Eastern Europe, and across Asia, Casey stands apart on the global stage with his edgy street style, comic-inspired pieces, and unique ability to capture a subject's emotion through his work.

He is well-respected within the industry, and is trusted by the sports community to design custom jerseys, jewelry and tattoos for an extensive roster of professional athletes.

Casey regularly collaborates with other tastemakers and trendsetters to deliver stunning gallery-quality prints, sought-after merchandise and apparel, and memorable immersive fan experiences.